The Support School Counselors Need to Effectively Serve Their Students

When counselors have access to high-quality resources and training, they are better equipped to deliver programming, services, and interventions that make a genuine difference with their students.

What is Your Counseling Compass?

Your Counseling Compass is an online program for elementary school counselors (and school social workers) who want to have a more intentional and purposeful approach to school counseling that saves time, maximizes their impact, and reduces burnout.

Evidence-Based School Counseling

Per the American School Counselor Association, Evidence-Based School Counseling means taking the following steps to serve students:

Your Counseling Compass supports evidence-based school counseling through our research-informed resources and data collection tools.

What does research-informed mean? It means we’ve incorporated effective practices (according to research) on social emotional learning, group counseling, and children’s mental health into our resources. If you’re curious about specific peer-reviewed journal articles that have influenced our resources, please contact us (help@theresponsivecounselor.com) for a reference list.

What makes Your Counseling Compass ​ different ?


Our resources are created based not only on experience and best practices, but also on what the research tells us about what works when it comes to social emotional learning and children’s mental health. 

Made by Counselors for Counselors

School counseling and school social work are unique roles that require lessons, activities, and tools created specifically for them by those that understand the specific needs.

Continuous Improvement

The world changes, schools change, and students change. We regularly review and update our curriculums to match the changing needs of students.

Ongoing Professional Development

Our support for counselors doesn’t end with providing them with resources – we create digestible and applicable trainings each month to increase counselor confidence and effectiveness.

Partnering With Districts Across the Country


Our resource library includes a complete yearlong SEL curriculum for school counselors to deliver (sixteen lessons each for kindergarten through fifth grade). It is fully aligned with the American School Counselor Association’s Mindsets & Behaviors (akin to standards) and the Collaborative for Academic and Social Emotional Learning’s competencies. Other lessons are also included, in order for counselors to be responsive to each school’s and grade level’s needs.

There are also tier 2 and 3 supports, including comprehensive group counseling curriculums, individual counseling curriculums, and behavior interventions.


Professional Development

Counselor self-efficacy plays a critical role in their ability to deliver high-quality services. In addition, lower self-efficacy is predictive of burnout. Our program promotes self-efficacy by providing counselors with the trainings (and tools) they need so that their belief in their ability to overcome difficulties and succeed in their role increases.  


We also know that telementoring improves school counselors’ understanding and application of the evidence-based school counseling model. Our program provides a modified (more flexible and asynchronous) method of telementoring through audio trainings and online community support.


School counselors don’t have time to regularly consume long form professional development throughout the year, but they can digest the bite-sized audio trainings inside Your Counseling Compass. They’re uploaded twice a month in the hub (alongside transcripts), and also accessible through a private podcast feed.


Annual Access

How it works:

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School counselors need support. We're privileged to provide it.

Your Counseling Compass is a program from The Responsive Counselor. Our company began when our founder realized that grad school training isn’t enough, and that school counselors are often underresourced when it comes to high-quality curriculum.

Since 2016, we’ve been supporting school counselors through professional development and engaging, effective resources.

We believe it is a great privilege and responsibility to serve school counselors (and by extension, students!) all around the globe.


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