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A photo of our counselor corner created in collaboration with school libraian


Inspired by this article on the librarian’s role in SEL, I wanted to share about a small collaboration between our counseling department and library. In the corner of our library’s fiction section lives our “Counselor’s Corner”; a collection of books hand selected and recommended by myself and my co-counselor.


  • I love books. I want my students to love books.
  • Our reading scores are not where we’d like them to be. If I can do a tiny, tiny thing that may help more students check out more books, which may in turn help their reading, I’m in.
  • I believe in bibliotherapy.
  • Social emotional learning and development should be occurring in many environments outside of my classroom lessons. By encouraging students to read books that have social/emotional lessons within them, I’m also promoting SEL development at home.
  • Some of these books wouldn’t see a lot of action if it wasn’t for them being displayed differently and next to pictures of mine and my co-counselors’ faces. 

When we first started it, it was part of a comprehensive “Counselor’s Corner Book Club”.

Reproducible explaining how our counselors corner book club works.
Reproducible counselors book corner work sheet for checked out SEL books.Reproducible counselors book corner work sheet for checked out SEL books.


Counselor book club lunch invitation

I’ve moved away from the book club component (may bring it back to life next year) so for now it’s just a great collection of counselor-selected books. And these books FLY off the shelves – our library assistant can’t keep it full. The students will come to us and say “I checked out one of your books today!” with such excitement, it’s really wonderful.

I am incredibly lucky to have such a supportive librarian and amazing library assistant. I gave them a list of books I knew we already had that had a strong social-emotional theme, but they also add others when they come across other books that they think would be a fit. Counselor’s Corner in the library is such a small thing we do, but it’s simple to set up, easy to maintain, and helps us to promote SEL in a different context.

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