Blogs I Read

*I originally wrote this as a blog post. It now lives here as a page and will be updated as I discover great new blog resources!

When I started out as a school counselor, I was pretty underwhelmed by the small group and classroom lesson ideas I found in dusty books and binder left in my office but I was desperate for resources. Pinterest was growing however, and that combined with some strategic googling lead me to amazing blogs that helped inspire me.

There are an incredible number of wonderful school counseling blogs online now, and I’m sure I haven’t even discovered half of them. If you like the lesson plans you’ve seen me post, you may also love some of these listed below. There are other ones I’ve pulled from or enjoyed reading, but these are the ones that get me really excited and that I can say I’ve found more than 1 or 2 posts that gave me ideas I implemented.

Ms. Sepps’ RoadRunners
^no longer posts, but her older stuff is definitely worth going through

Life on the Fly Counselor

Corner on Character

The Handy School Counselor
^also no longer posts, but her older stuff is definitely worth going through

The Art of Social Work
^for individual and small group interventions

Jill Kuzma SLP Social Emotional Skill Sharing Site
^speech language pathologists often have great social skill activities on their blogs!

Counselor Up

The Middle School Counselor

Pawsitive School Counseling


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