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While some of my lessons are just introducing students to ideas or
information, many of them are teaching concrete skills that I’m hoping
they use. I start each lesson by introducing the students to the ‘I can’
statement. I also use these to 1) reinforce the fact that the learning
we doing in Life Skills is just as important as the learning they do
with their teachers and 2) because ‘I can’ statements are an important
part of the learning language our teachers use. Some of the statements
I’ve used so far this year have included:


  • I can show kindness by being a bucket filler. (2nd grade)
  • I can be a free fish when someone teases me (3rd grade)
  • I can choose forgiveness instead of revenge. (4th grade)
  • I can solve conflict peacefully. (all grades)
  • I can use an extended feelings vocabulary and cope with uncomfortable feelings. (3rd grade)

one 45 minute lesson on a topic is usually not enough to lead to real
behavioral or attitude change in most of my students. I am always
hopeful that their teachers and parents will reinforce these lessons in
the classroom and at home but I know it doesn’t always happen. One way
I’ve tried to keep our lessons in their memory after I’ve gone is
through Life Skills posters in each classroom. After each lesson, I add
the ‘I can’ statement to the poster. By the end of the year, each class’
poster will have the 12 Life Skills they’ve learned. Here’s one of our
4th grade class’ posters so far:

Counseling Lesson Life Skills I Can Statement Posters - The Responsive Counselor

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