Space Protectors vs. Space Invaders

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The idea of teaching kids the social skill of personal space through space protectors and space invaders is nothing new – but I’m going to share the worksheet I used and how I did this with my group in case anyone is looking for additional inspiration.

I co-ran a social skills group with our SLP for students with ASD, ADHD, and ODD. One of our 30 minute sessions was on personal space. If I would have had more time, I would have begun by reading Personal Space Camp. Instead, we first talked about the concept of “space bubbles” (appropriate physical boundaries) for different groups of people. I drew out concentric circles on chart paper and the boys wrote examples of people and settings on post-its that they would keep at the various distances away from.

Teaching social skills on personal space using space bubbles

Next, we discussed what space protectors and space invaders would do given what they knew about appropriate space bubbles:

Teaching social skills on personal space using space protectors and space invaders examples

We ended with the boys applying what they had learned by writing and drawing about a space protector:

social skill personal space worksheet for elementary students

Here is what the worksheet looks like.

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