School Counselor Gift Guide

Do you have a school counselor in your life that you love and want to get an awesome gift for? Hoping to knock their socks off with something? Wondering what to buy a school counselor? Here’s my school counselor gift guide!

Or maybe you are a school counselor and you think your family may want to gift you things for your counseling program. Or you’re creating a wish list for your PTO.

Enter: The School Counselor Gift Guide!

school counselor gift guide

I have gathered up a list of ideas for amazing things to give a school counselor you appreciate or to ask for yourself! I had the winter holidays in mind when I wrote this, but they would make for wonderful little surprises any time of the year. Even as a 7th year counselor last year, I was still buying things left and right to enrich my office and school counseling program. Especially when you work in an elementary school, school counselors need stuff.

(This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you buy something after clicking on a link, I may receive a small fee. They do not in any way impact the price of the items.)

Here are some of my picks for great gifts for school counselors:

Some things run out, break, go missing, etc. The ideas above are school counseling staples that a counselor can never have too many of and they’d be thrilled to have more of!

There are so many incredible tools that are wonderful for school counselors; some counselors may have never heard of or been able to get themselves. The gift ideas above are the type that make a school counselor say “Oooo, yes, I can definitely use this!” (PS Those weird egg things? SO good for talking to kids about not going “splat” when you have a problem!)

Counseling Future World Changers Premium Heather T-Shirt FrontSchool Counseling & Tee Vintage Red T-Shirt FrontLet's Talk About Your Feelings Steel Blue T-Shirt Front  

School counselors are proud of their role and sometimes they want gear to show it off!

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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